Nuestra Voz Third Annual Youth. Art. Activism. Summer Camp

As a community teacher with Nuestra Voz (a YWCA racial justice project), I used my experience as a participant in the Gay Straight Alliance’s Youth Leadership Academy to co-develop multimodal writing workshops focusing on rhetorical analysis as a method for learning and writing about historical traumas and dominant social norms. During the weeklong day camp, youth worked collaboratively to create social justice marketing videos and performances for circulation through local media.

These videos also informed a forthcoming book chapter that I co-authored with Adela C. Licona, “Remix as Unruly Play and Participatory Method for Im/Possible Queer World-Making.”

Visualizing Bullied Spaces

I helped youth conceptualize, storyboard, conduct research for, and produce a video about the effects of the school-to-prison pipeline on youth across contexts of race, class, sex/uality, and gender expression.

Let’s Talk about Sex Ed

I worked with youth during multimodal workshops to practice interviewing and digital storyboarding strategies.