Thirdspacing the University: Performing Spatial and Visual Literacies

This article, published in Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy (16.3), illustrates my facility with web design (html + css), interactive Flash media, and digital video production. In the text, I ask: How do instructors with little knowledge of the Web or digital composing approach the teaching of digital assignments in their own classes? How do students, excited about the possibilities of digital communication, manage the skills necessary to compose such projects without giving up (now or in the future)? While this website does not attempt to definitively answer these questions, it does attempt to think through the emotional responses we experience when the digital world and linear narrative collide. In this collision, the digital world becomes a site of anxiety about what we do not know — a closure — rather than a practice through which potentials are explored from the perspective that learning is never finished and always emerging — an opening.