I have advised 4 students for the Department of Rhetoric and Writing’s undergraduate major. As a graduate advisor, I have served on 8 thesis committees (chaired 3) and 3 portfolio committees (chaired 2).

Professional and Technical Writing M.A. Thesis Students

Amy Adams, “An Inquiry into National Identity as Expressed in K-Pop,” committee member, projected spring 2018
La Wanda Jordan, “Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and Education in Pulaski County,” chair, projected spring 2018
Heather Tolliver, “Heroes of the Lower East Side: How Jewish Activism Shaped a Comic Book Genre,” committee member, projected spring 2017
​Annie Dill, “Searching Infinity for Authentic Form: The Problem of Memoir,” chair, defended fall 2016
Lindsay Hastings, “Traveling to Different ‘Worlds’: Toward a Rhetorical Linds,” chair, defended fall 2016
Subrinia Brogan, “The Evolution of a Black Butterfly: A Caregiver’s Journey from Loss to Salvation,” committee member, defended fall 2016
Alyssa Rogers, “Kiss My Grits—Or Not: A Study of Cooking in the Changing South,” committee member, defended spring 2016
​Howard Bryant Lytle, “Composing Across Genres: A Study of Writing Expectations at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock,” committee member, defended fall 2015

Professional and Technical Writing M.A. Portfolio Students

Jason Hogue, chair, projected spring 2017
Harold Moses, Sr., committee member, defended summer 2016
Robin Richardsonchair, defended spring 2016